Proto 07 Men’s Paintball Pants

Here are some pants that bring up quite contradictory opinions about them. Some players like them big time, some wish that they’ve never have bought them. Overall they all agree for one thing – the pants do look hot. They have awesome design and will certainly give you some extra style points. But other than that the opinions start to divert from one another. Like the durability for instance…half the players have never had any problems with the pants’ durability and say that they last a long time, the other half though claim that after just couple of months of intensive play the knees start so shred and eventually the entire knee area is falling apart. Maybe the reason is in the “intensive play” if you play once or twice a month and don’t slide that often the pants will last you for long time, but the opposite brings out that, in my opinion, major flaw. Major, because durability is one of the main things players are looking for when buying paintball clothing…I mean you don’t go and by a pair of pants that you know are not gonna last more than 2 months, right. So I guess that’s something Proto should work on for their next pants edition. Another thing they should probably work on is the knee padding. That’s the other point where opinions don’t match – for some, that have bought those as their first pair of pants, the knee padding is great, but more experienced players find it a little thin – this means that you should have separate knee pads which on the other hand will lead to raise in the price – high enough that you can just go and buy a pair of more expensive pants and save yourself the uncomfortable knee pads. And there’s more – some players criticize the sizes, and to be more precise the fact that there is a big difference between two consecutive sizes. But they all like the waist band that do its job extremely well so that’s one solution to the problem. Another difference between the opinions is the one about the pockets. Some find the pockets plenty and comfortable, others emphasize on the fact that the squeegee pocket is too shallow and not practical at all. After all that’s been said look ate the pants features yourself:
•  Adjustable waist with velcro closures makes a perfect fit every time.
• Inner leg venting keeps you cool under fire.
• Reinforced padded knee panels give protection against knee impacts.
• Vented cargo pockets allow you to carry what you need.
• Combination zipper and button crotch panel is padded and helps protect what’s important.
• Sublimated paneling on the sides keeps bright and clean after washing.
The pants keep a low price compared to other o7 brand edition and you can find them for $59.95. Colors are available – red, blue, olive green, and grey. After the review it’s only up to you and your judgment wheatear you’ll get those or not.