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Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 Men’s Paintball Pants

Now those are some good looking pants. Not every company dares to use white in their models and if you ask me the black and white is probably the best looking combination. If it wasn’t for the staining issue I’m so calling the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants the best looking pants on the market…better than Dye and Empire put together. But the staining problem is a fact and although it’s not such a big of a deal it’s there to point out and reduce some points of the perfect score. But before I say anything else about these pants, check out their features:
• Inner leg venting keeps you cool
• Super stretch zones on the legs and crotch make for the most comfortable pant ever
• Adjustable waist straps for perfect fit
• Articulated lumber straps
• Waist adjustment straps
• Easy access PVC pocket tabs
• Estar pvc badge details
• 2-way stretch articulation zones
• Section padded leg protection
• Adjustable/secure ankle closures
• Ribbed articulated lumber zone
• Rear leg vents
• Anti abrasion side impact zones
• Air cool mesh venting
The Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants are not just good looking they are also some nice, nice pants to have. They posses absolutely anything that a great pair of pants should have – great padding, comfort (all kind of comfort, from feeling good when worn to being great when bending or sliding, or crawling, or anything you have to do while playing), venting (it’s great in both cold and warm weather), durability – just anything you can think of you get from those pants…they are almost perfect. But perfection doesn’t come cheap. That’s exactly the case here – to get those you have to be willing to spend $149.98. Not a small amount, but totally worthy if you ask me. The thing is you don’t have a color option at all. You either get them in black and white or you don’t get them at all. But again the combination is extremely good looking and if it was me I jump on it right away.

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