Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Pants

Now here’s the next Dye paintball pants generation – the C7. With those everything that lacked on the C6 version has been taken care of and a new stuff had been added for even better protection and comfort. The C6 version was a little weak on the knee padding, but here this problem has been solved and there are no complains about that anymore…at least none that I’ve heard of. The C7 are even more durable than the C6, because Dye added ballistic nylon in the knees where pants usually rip first. They are also better vented than the C6 (yeah, I thought that’s impossible, too). Here’s the huge amount of features for you:
• Padding – Paintball pants probably take the most abuse out of all of the playing gear. Let’s face it, slides, dives, constant kneeling and crawling; all cause wear and tear on pants. Dye’s design team has taken all of these aspects into consideration when developing the C7 pant. They recruited their top professional athletes and developers to figure out how to make the C7 pant withstand the abuse from professional play. They have added heavy-duty multi-panel ballistic nylon kneepads with Kevlar stretch joints for maximum strength. Dye developed compression formed crotch protection to offer total coverage in the most critical areas. New for ’07, is wrap around side panels. These new panels are compression formed and provide a more durable and protective surface on the sides of the pant.
• Venting – We cannot stress venting enough. This year, Dye integrated up to 50% more venting into the pant. This large increase in ventilation will allow air to circulate faster and more efficiently from your body. They have strategically integrated air channels in the front and rear of the pant. These channels optimize airflow. Again, allowing you to cool off faster. The C7 pant features a dual layer mesh. The top layer is a small hole mesh that is extremely durable. This top layer keeps debris from entering into the second layer. The second layer is a large hole mesh material. This large hole mesh is what allows maximum airflow.
• Harness Stabilizer – The back yoke of the pant features a new harness stabilizer design incorporated into the new flow through venting system. The new harness stabilizer is a direct inject design that is adhered directly to the small hole mesh. The small hole mesh provides an excellent surface for the direct inject, making it extremely durable. Because the harness stabilizer is on the top surface, it has the ability to grip your harness firmly and prevent any annoying harness twist. Once again, flow through venting has been incorporated into this section of the pant and also wraps around the sides and front of the pant.
• Adjustable Waist – Dye’s adjustable waist not only allows you to change the fitting of your pant, but the internal elastic belt also acts as a small comfortable kidney belt.
• Swab Pocket – Holds standard flex swabs or stick swabs.
• Adjustable Cuffs – For those of you who like a tight cuff, the adjustable ankle cuffs allow the perfect fit for any type of cleat.
If you’re not tired of reading let’s go through the disadvantages those pants are claimed to have. Now some players complain about the weight, but I don’t think they’re that much heavier than the C6 version – yes, they have some more padding added, but it sure doesn’t weigh a ton (their weight is around the weight of 2 pair of jeans). And the other thing people murmur about is the price…and I get it, on one hand, they do cost $99.95, but on the other those pants are worth much, much more. The design is absolute killer – they simply look awesome. They come in red, black/grey, blue, gold and olive green. Those are pants worth every one of those near 100 bucks you’ll spend for them. Get them, you won’t regret it.