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Smart Parts Maddog Ion Aluminum Paintball Gun


Yet another Ion gun … still as good as the others but notice the “aluminum” part in the headline. It’s serious. Ion finally moved into the next generation of paintball guns. So forget about all the plastic bodied guns. The Maddog Ion gives you an all new aluminum body look. I can only suppose you know the advantages of the aluminum body and the plastic ones. If not here’s a clue for you…aluminum is as light as the plastic just several times stronger than it. And we all know what strength means in the paintball business. So check the features of this new Ion member:

• Ultra fast rate of fire – 17+ bps in semi auto and rebound modes, and 10 bps in 3 shot burst or full auto modes.
• Extremely lightweight – weighs in at just 2.2 lbs.
• Break-beam Vision eyes – shoot up to 17+ shots per second without ever chopping paint
• Interchangeable Body Kits – Instantly change the color of the Ion’s body with numerous different composite shells
• 9 volt battery operation – easy to find and replace 9 volt batteries. No more expensive battery packs. One 9 volt battery is included. Does not come with charger.
• Easy disassembly – One 1/8″ Allen wrench (included) is all you need to disassemble the Ion
• Durable ball detents – last 10 times as long as current ball detents
• Gas efficient – get between 1000 to 1400 shots from a 68ci 4500psi fill
• Impulse barrel and feedneck threads.
• Includes barrel cover and parts kit
And the actual upgrades:

• Aluminum Ion Flame Body
• 3 Point Adjustable Magnetic Roller Trigger
• Clamping Aluminum Feed Neck
• Aluminum Front Flame Grip
So another good thing in this particular gun is the trigger which here is on a definitely higher level than in all the other Ion guns. Which means the one big flow that the Ions had until now is been taken care of. And for the price…that’s probably the one thing that actually doesn’t change in the Ion markers…it’s as low as usual. The marker is priced for $279.99. The colors you can find it in are: black, blue, red, dust black and silver. So if you’re ready for the next step in paintball markers don’t hesitate about this one.

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