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Superstock 05 Autococker Paintball Guns


When introduced to the crowd in 05 this gun cost around 700 bucks and people were fighting to get one. Now the price is $164.99 and even if I tell you it is crap you should still go and get one. Still, it’s far, far away of being a crappy gun. Its biggest strength again as a WGP marker is its accuracy. But that’s not all. It’s a gun you can really rely on and know it will serve you well. It is light weighted and beautifully made. It is also very upgradeable so if there’s anything you don’t like and want to change you have plenty of choice to do it. Check the gun’s features:
• Custom 3D milling
• 10 Degree air receiver
• Removable feed tube
• P-block design
• Lightweight Karnivor front block
• Delrin bolt with lightened all new delrin pullpin
• Adjustable low pressure regulator
• Adjustable inline regulator with increased regulated air capacity
• Ergonomic trigger frame with integrated bottom line rail
• Energy Efficient auto-off design
• Self monitoring eye
• A.B.T. (Anti Bounce Technology)
• Bi Color LED
• Easy one button on-off
• Ergo frame
• Adjustable magnoptic trigger
• Break beam trigger activation
• EZ System directions
• Select Fire model – Semi auto, Full auto, Ramping mode, Demo mode, and 3 shot burst
So when talking about upgrades again one of the things you may wanna change is the barrel although many people claim that for a stock one it works pretty good. So try it first and if you don’t like it then change it. Here’s another thing people complain about – the speed of the gun and more specifically the gun’s programming (ramping, full auto). The thing is that no matter how fast you get your finger’s going the gun’s ramping mode seems to stay at one speed, medium fast (15bps). Now 15pbs is not bad if you’re a beginner or a weekend player but for a professional or pro-amateur tournament player this is probably not the gun for you. You may wanna try with something a little bit faster. But overall the gun is an amazing deal. And if you’re looking for a high standard yet low priced gun you should not think twice. And you can find it in black, blue and red.

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  • Dylan Rizek March 20, 2011, 3:35 pm

    Where can i find one of these guns or a 04

  • Dylan Rizek March 20, 2011, 3:35 pm

    where can i get one