Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Tactical Paintball Gun

What should we say about this Worrgames autococker that we haven’t said about the others yet? To tell you the truth there’s not too much difference. There are almost the same strengths and just a little bit more disadvantages maybe. It’s again extremely accurate gun and one that’s really gonna make you happy. It’s well made and beautiful. Still it’s probably not something you’ll want if you’re a professional player. It makes great beginners gun. Check its features:
• WGP Worr Frame Select Fire electronic grip frame
• G Ramp 18 bps
• TA Ramp 15 bps
• Full auto
• Semi auto
• Auto off feature
• Break beam anti-chop eye
• Auto eye on/off feature
• Manual eye on/off feature
• Closed bolt accuracy
• Authentic WGP lightweight body
• Threaded feedport for upgrades
• Adjustable trigger
• Push button manual safety
• Tactical shroud with rails
• Vertical in-line regulator
• Matte finish
When I say the gun has more disadvantages than the others from this brand than doesn’t mean it is crap. What people are complaining most is that it’s a little bit heavy…something not so typical for the other Worrgames guns. But as we know what’s heavy for one is perfect for another so weight is not really such a big deal. Another complain is that it’s loud…still I can’t say that it’s louder than any other (depends on what you’re used to). The other things are just the same. You’ll have to change the barrel once you get it (nothing too different from any other gun you buy). Overall it’s a great woodsball gun. If you’re more into speedball maybe check for something else. But to tell you the truth for the price of $149.99 you’re getting a pretty good deal. It is one thing to upgrade 150 dollar gun and another to upgrade 450 dollar one. So if you’ve stopped your attention to this one don’t hesitate…get it. And you can find it in black and camouflage – not too many options but it’s nice to have some.