Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Competition Paintball Gun

Here’s another of the latest WGP Autocockers. Not to much have changed compared to the previous editions but yes it’s a little bit better in some way. It has solid construction, easy maintenance, trouble free operation, and the legendary accuracy that’s expected out of an autococker, all gathered in a nicer looking package. Basically if you need a gun to be there for you but you don’t have much money to spend this is the one for you. But again…pro players can find it a little bit unsatisfying, still if you’re a beginner or don’t consider yourself a pro yet, you won’t make mistake getting it. Features include:
• Lightweight unibody design
• Closed bolt accuracy
• Air efficient operation
• Angled bottom-line
• Vertical air receiver
• Nickel aluminum bolt
• Anodized finish
• Velocity adjuster
• Improved integrated 3-way, no front block!
• High performance low pressure regulator
• Pull-pin
• Micro polished ram
• Preset nickel inline regulator
• 14 inch ported barrel
• Single trigger
• Select Fire model – Semi auto, Full auto, Ramping mode, Demo mode, and 3 shot burst.
Don’t let the phrase “light weighted design” fool you. Everybody is complaining about its weight. They may have tried to make it lighter, but still. So if you think weight can be a problem for you, better look for something else. And something else…it may be a little long for some of you so if you get the chance hold it first and then decide. In this particular marker upgrades are not a necessity. There are some things you may wanna change as in every other marker, like barrel for instance, but try it first as WGP barrels tend to be good even when stock and maybe the bolt. Everything else is just fine with it. It’s really easy to maintain and when you do it regularly and properly you won’t have any problems with it. The colors it comes in are gloss black/blue fade and matte black. The price is $149.99 which if you ask me is low for the quality of marker you’re getting. Far more expensive markers perform poorer than this one. It’s really not a deal you may wanna miss.