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Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Pro Paintball Gun


Here’s another Autococker that gets all positive reviews. Of all the three Worrgames Autococker SF reviewed this is probably the crowd’s favorite. If the other two are claimed to be heavy this one gets a real light weight review. Again it’s as accurate as the all of the Worrgames markers. And it’s really fast. With its 4 firing modes – Semi Automatic, Full Automatic (capped at 15bps), and 2 ramping modes (15 & 18bps) you’ll be shooting ropes with pinpoint accuracy. Check its features:
• Lightweight unibody design
• Closed bolt accuracy
• Air efficient operation
• Angled bottom-line
• Velocity adjuster
• Integrated 3 way, no more front block!
• Micro-polished ram
• Push button safety
• Preset nickel inline regulator
• 15 degree air receiver
• Anodized with 3D body design
• Delrin bolt with o-rings
• Double finger blade trigger
• 14 inch two piece ported barrel which includes a .687 and a .691 back
• Select Fire model – Semi auto, Full auto, Ramping mode, Demo mode, and 3 shot burst.
And since the weight is not a disadvantage here, I’m gonna include the other minor things players complain about. The major of the minor complains goes to the feed neck. Getting a clamping feed neck will definitely increase your performance. Another complain is about the tight fit of the battery…it’s not at all big of a deal…just be more careful when fitting it in. And if I have to put a third one it would probably be that switching modes is a bit of a pain but once you get used to it, it just gets easier. So what do you think…have you noticed something major? Not really, right? And it only gets better when we come to the price. It’s priced $199.99 and if the previous two are a great deal this one is even better.

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  • zach drescher October 28, 2010, 2:56 am

    I have the same gun and I’ve ran into a few but possibly expensive problems, some of the hoses have burst and blown (and no it wasn’t cold when this happened) and also there has been co2 leaking out of the trigger i cannot find where it is coming from all the o rings are brand new i clean and oil the gun every time i use it people have told me that it could be leaking through the chamber but that wouldn’t make any sense if all the o rings are new and i didn’t see any cracks or missing bolts or anything and since most of the co2 is being pushed out the trigger there was slim to none going to the chamber to fire the paintball.
    any suggestions or any ideas of what might be the problem? is this a common thing with this model gun? and also where could i take this to get it fixed or where could i get the parts to fix it? any information would helpful.

  • Richard Huff May 5, 2011, 9:01 pm

    Zach, you probably put the bolt in upsidedown, make sure that it isn’t. I personally haven’t done it yet, but thats what I’ve been hearing happens often. Hope it helps. (Yea, I know its probably been fixed already but figured I would throw this out there)