Worrgames Autococker Black Magic 05 Select Fire Paintball Gun

I’ll begin saying that this is a beautiful little autococker no matter how you look at it. It has an amazing design that will definitely bring attention to you when you get on the field. But the design is not its only strength. Unlike the previous Autocockers SF reviewed this one is extremely light and small and is said to have very little to absolutely no kick. It comes with pretty much all the technology you can wish for from a high end marker. There’s just little thing you may want to upgrade on it. I think there’s no need to tell you again that this is one of the most accurate guns out there. Just as the other of its family are. Check the gun’s features:
Black Magic Features
• Delrin bolt with vertical pull pin
• Side cocking system
• Shortened high flow bolt
• Removable clamping feed tube
• Custom 3D milling
• Cam lock front block
• Adjustable low pressure regulator
• World class WGP lifetime limited warranty
• Ergonomic trigger frame with integrated bottom line rail
• Adjustable inline main regulator

Electronic Features:
• Auto on/off
• Auto eye on/off
• Auto trigger antibounce
• Dual color LED
• On/Off membrane switch
• EZ system directions
• Select Fire: 3 shot burst, full auto (NXL), Semi auto (NPPL), and Ramp (PSP mode)
There are almost none complains about this gun. The only thing that some of the players find annoying is the trigger and that at some point the screws holding it can get loose and it the trigger itself ca get wiggly. But that’s pretty easy to fix. Another thing that is not really disadvantage of the gun but to the accessories it comes with is that it needs like 5 different types of wrenches to make some adjustments and it only comes with two. So there are really no other complains about it. And for the money it’s priced that is $299.99 there even if there are the marker would still be a great bargain. It’s a gun that easily holds up prices much higher than this one and still be worthy. And contrary to the others in its family it’s not something that should be limited to only beginners and intermediate players. It’s something that’s gonna satisfy even the pros. Several shades are available, too. You can get it in red/black fade, black, and clear/black fade. There’s one thing for certain. You won’t get wrong with it.