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Worrgames Karnivor E2 Paintball Gun


There’s not really a sound reason that people don’t like the Karnivor as a gun but there’s no doubt that it is not the most popular and liked gun. I personally have no idea why people don’t like it. It‘s a really good gun – extremely light and beautifully made. I give it a 10 for design as it looks awesome. But looks are not everything. When it comes to performance the Karnivor is a real treasure. Being in the family of Worrgames makes it needless to talk about its accuracy, but the gun is also very fast and now with the E2 it just gets better and faster. It’s very good and comfortable gun. Its features include:
• E2 frame with eye
• STO Worr solenoid housing
• Authentic Budd Orr body
• STO reverse front block (keeps your elbow tucked in)
• Tickler regulator
• MP4 ram
• STO input regulator
• STO trigger
• Protective wire gaurd
• Bottom line with on/off
• IVG System
• Delron bolt and pull pin
• Grip feed tube
• P-Block
• Firing modes: E2F: PSP, millenium, cfoa, semi and training.
It’s a gun that’s gonna be satisfying for many of the pro players and if you’ve decided to get one don’t doubt about that decision. Probably the only downside to this marker is that the stock twist-lock clamping feedneck does not work very well. It has a very small range of adjustment and for some smaller loaders it may not be small enough. The only thing you can do here is to get new feedneck, but that only adds up to the price. And when you’ve spent $649.99 giving more money is the last thing you want. Overall the Karnivor is a great marker and if you are tired of the Egos, the DM’s and the Shockers, give this gun a try, it has a lot of things going for it. It is lighter than a DM, more efficient than a shocker and it is cheaper and quieter than an Ego. Do you really need more reasons to get it?

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