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Worrgames Autococker SR Paintball Gun


The Autococker SR is one of the newest Worrgames markers and although it’s not that popular among players yet we’re pretty sure soon it will charm them. It sure is one beautifully looking marker, but looks are not everything. The gun performs just as great as it looks, too. It’s fast, light and accurate. It’s also pretty quiet and easy to clean and maintain. It’s a very reliable gun and if you decide to get it you won’t be disappointed with it. See its features:
•      Quick Dial thumb dial knob for easy access to programming and fire modes
•    LED display screen
•    Break beam eyes with manual on/off
•    Completely programmable functions and adjustments including: Debounce, Cycle percentage filter, Anti-mechanical bounce, Ball in Place delay, Max rate of Fire, Ramp start, Breakout
•    Closed bolt accuracy
•    Ergonomic grip frame assembly
•    High speed MP5 ram assembly with integrated TRV (Turbo Relief Valves)
•    Redesigned front pneumatics assembly eliminating low pressure hoses
•    Dual soft rubber ball stops
•    Gasket sealed front block
•    Macroline quick release hose
Internal pump rod
•    Adjustable low and high pressure regulators
•    On/Off bottom line
•    Clamping feed-neck
•    14 inch 2 piece Worr barrel
•    Fully adjustable trigger
•    Quick release pull pin
•    Lightweight short delrin bolt
A lot of things to be impressed of. It’s simply the next generation of the Autocokers. It does come pricy though – you can get it for $599.99 which is huge compared to the other cheaper Autocockers we’re so used to.  Still compared to guns with the same specifications from other brands we have to admit that this is one fair price. And according to us it’s well deserved. You’ll see for yourself if you decide to get it. The gun definitely deserves your attention.

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  • bg March 27, 2008, 9:02 pm

    Just got the new sr, sweet gun seems to work well, I am going to try it for a scenario game the second weekend in april. Problems: 1. Still an autococker, same mechanical operation, although now electronically configured, it does make it easier. 2. It does not yet come in colors which are now appealing to players although color kits are in the making.