Worrgames MG-7 Paintball Gun

The MG7 is another newcomer in the Worrgames family. This time at a price we’re more used to when it comes to Worrgames markers. Well, it sure lacks many of the Autococker SR features, but for $200 you shouldn’t even be complaining. What you get is a small and light gun…just the way you like it. It is also very fast. The thing is very comfortable and reliable. And also just like any other Worrgames marker easy to maintain and clean. It’s another gun that’s yet to prove itself on the field, but we’re sure it’s gonna be successful. Features include:
•    12 inch ported barrel
•    Break beam eyes
•    Adjustable regulator with gauge
•    Co-Molded composite body
•    Low pressure operation (150-200 operating psi)
•    20 balls per second
As we said it’s not something to compete the Autococker SR, but it’s a good gun for starters or just playing around. The most complains about this marker is that it uses a lot of gas, but we’re sure that this can be fixed with the right settings. Actually the only real downside we can think of is that for some of you it may feel like a toy gun. But it’s not. And if you decide to get it you’ll see that for yourselves. For $200 it’s definitely worth considering. Even if you’re not gonna use it for a primary gun the MG7 makes a great back up marker. We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with it.