Alien 06 Alien Interceptor

The 06 Alien Interceptor is also something you might want to check out. Although it’s not the newest technology the Interceptor is among the most accurate guns on the market. It’s a very simple made gun, but very effective. Its simplicity makes it one of the lightest guns out there so if the weight is a problem for you, you should definitely consider the Alien Interceptor. The marker is fast, accurate and gives you some great shooting distance.  The way it is designed helps prevent chopping and no matter the paint you won’t have any problems with that. It’s a beautiful, beautiful marker and I’m absolutely sure you’ll like it very much.

“Sweep Trajectory
The “Sweep Valve” and “Sweep Bolt” delivers air under and around the paintballs and offers you, the player, a new Pinnacle in paintball accuracy. Traditionally paintballs were driven, poked forward, by the air. Like pitching knuckle balls, paintballs catching a seam made inconsistent shots the norm. To make shots consistent paintballs need some inherent rotation, back-turn being the best rotation as it provides for the longest and straightest flight. The Sweep Air System accomplishes this by smoothing the air path for very low turbulence, then that calm air is released below centerline. The result is a ball with a slight gyroscopic back turn.

Independent Ram
The heart and soul of any marker is its loading and firing principle. The Interceptor and the Remains are the only guns that use a “modular” concept. Until Alien all ram guns put a round ram, with their four O-Rings, inside a big gun body with air passages cut into that gun body. Alien improved this design by combining the ram and manifold as one unit and then attaching that to the trigger frame and the (smaller) body.

Wicked Air Sportz
“The Rocket Scientists of Paintball” make our electronics and we feature the Equalizer Boards. Alien has one of the fastest cycle times we know of at a potential of over 30 cycles per second. Wicked Air Sportz eye system slows Alien’s light speed operation down to what a hopper can feed. Wicked Air Sportz the benchmark for paintball electronic excellence”

There are a few things that can be considered as downsides, but nothing too major to stop you from getting the marker. I don’t know if it’s even worth mentioning, but in the first batch of guns there was a manufacturer defect – the front block piece that slides into the body was a tad small and leaked. It will be a huge coincidence if you stumble on a gun like that, but if you do the defect is actually easily fixed – replace the current o-ring with one of a larger width. Another thing is that the grips are somewhat uncomfortable and you’ll probably want to replace them with better aftermarket ones. In the end – there are no alien specific upgrades, at least for now anyway. Hopefully that will change soon. The Interceptor is really a good gun to have and you won’t regret getting it. Its price is about $590 which is not so bad in my opinion. If you get the chance try it out, or just get it…it won’t be a bad move.