Alien Revelation

The easiest way to fall for the Alien Revelation is to try the thing. It sure isn’t the best looking gun out there, but boy can it perform. It’s made to be a champion with its WAS board and Dye barrel and it really is. It’s accurate as hell, very consistent, air efficient, fast, quiet and let’s not forget – light. It lacks nothing. People claim its bps rate is about 23 and although I’m not sure about it, I won’t be surprised if that’s true. The marker’s really something to consider. I’m pretty sure it will meet all your expectations. Here are some specifications and we’ll move on:

“”The “Offset Sealing Marker” – a bold differentiation instead of blind adherence, and a new advance in paintball markers.
“Sweep Valve”, “Sweet Spot Trigger Frame” super fast, low pressure, amazingly accurate, light yet rugged. This is the shortest, tightest playing electro pneumatic marker available and it has the fastest cycling time. WAS powered electro pneumatics with eye and LCD. CP regulator and barrel are included.
Available in Green, Blue, Red, Orange and Gold”

As I already said – not the best looking gun out there, but if you ask me I don’t even consider that a downside. It wouldn’t hurt to have a black color as option, but green, blue, red, orange and gold are not so bad either. The only real downside to this gun is its price. $895 is not something anyone can afford (which in some cases is a good thing, right). To be fair – the Revelation deserves this price tag, because you’re really getting something incredible, but if it was me I’d go for the Alien Interceptor…another great gun from the same company, just at way more acceptable price.