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ANS Razor Ion

The ANS Razor Ion is a pretty good gun at a very affordable price. It has the potential to be a great gun, but it needs some upgrades. What you get out of the box is a pretty well made marker, somewhat upgraded, very nice looking and ready to go if you’re and intermediate player or just starting up. It’s fairly light (not the lightest), consistent and air efficient. Overall, an OK marker. Now to make it better and compatible with some of the expensive high-end markers you’ll need to put some more money in it and do some upgrading, lucky for you there are plenty of upgrades available for this gun. You’ll certainly need a new reg, because the stock one is just horrible, you may want to change the barrel as well just to improve the accuracy a little bit more. The bps rate of the Razor is about 17 which is pretty good for a gun in this price range I think, but if you don’t like it you better think about new board. Check out the info about it and keep reading:

“The Razor Ion from ANS Xtreme Performance is the best and most affordable Ion on the market. Why spend hundreds of dollars upgrading your stock Ion when you can buy it all for one low price. The Razor Ion includes the 6 Ounce aluminum body, Roller Trigger, 90 degree frame, and QEV.”

Note that the Razor is a bit noisy; I’m not saying loud because it’s not loud, but there certainly are quieter guns out there. It’s also not the lightest, but for $400 I think you’re getting a pretty good deal. I’ve seen a lot worse on higher prices. Try the Razor if you get the chance you may as well like it. Don’t jump on buying it right away though…there’re so many options out there, make sure you read about them too.

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