AKA Viking


The Viking won’t charm you with its looks for sure, but anything beyond that in that gun is amazing. There’s not a single thing in it that’s gonna disappoint you. You want speed – you got it, you want distance – you certainly got it, accuracy – no problem. I know right now it sounds like a commercial, but trust me this gun deserves it all. It’s efficient, consistent and extremely durable. The thing feels great in the hand; it’s light and comfortable to carry. The battery life is also amazing. And you won’t believe how easy it is to maintain. I know it’s a different thing to have a big brand name gun like Dye or Empire, but if you’ve ever tried the Viking brand names will be just that – names. I can easily put the Viking between the greatest top ten guns on the market right now and no one can convince me it doesn’t deserve to be there. Don’t trust me – try it and see for yourselves. Till then here are some features:

Same side, dual ball detent
3/8’s of a pound lighter than the ’03
Shorter profile
SCM comes standard
Relocated on/off switch
Shorter bolt
Bodies are milled for eye wiring
WAS Equalizer Board
Humphrey Solenoids (commonly referred to as the “new” solenoids)
Type 3 “Hard” anodizing in a matte (dust) finish
Double grip with Blade trigger
AKA low-rise
Factory Warranty

Really the only thing that can bug you in the Viking is the way it looks; it’s very plain looking marker and can’t compare with the flashy guns out there, but there’s a taste for everything. It’s a bit pricy – about $800, but for what you’re getting I think that’s a fair deal. I’m not sure how easy you can find the thing on the market, because I hear they don’t make Vikings anymore, but there still are places that offer it. You should really try the thing if you can, but if you decide to get it without a tryout I don’t think you’ll regret it at all.