Worrgames Synergy Equalizer Paintball Gun

And the last Worrgames newcomer we’re gonna present to you is the Synergy Equalizer. Of all three new additions this one’s the cheaper, and although we can’t claim it’s as good as the other two it sure doesn’t stay too much behind them. Just like the MG7 the Synergy Equalizer makes a great beginner’s gun. It will serve you good for practice and it doesn’t require spending much money on it. It’s pretty fast with its 22bps capacity. Actually in that indicator it beats up the MG7 and its 20bps. It’s also pretty steady and accurate. It’s one simple gun and many times simplicity has proven to be the key to success. See the features:
•    Fire rate of 22 bps
•    Four firing modes: NXL full auto, PSP Ramp, 3 shot burst, semi auto
•    Low Pressure operating system for smoother firing
•    Break beam eyes
•    LED light system
•    Custom clamping feed neck
•    Custom WGP Barrel
•    High performance regulator
•    Custom milled body
•    Speed dial for quick adjusting
•    Adjustable trigger with magnet assist
•    Replacement chip for future programming
•    Power Supply: N2 or Compressed Air preferred
•    Weight: 2 lbs. 3.9 oz.
The price of this gun is only $169.99. For the features included we think of it as a pretty good deal. It’s not an often sight a gun with features like those to be priced for such a small amount of money. It’s a deal you don’t wanna miss out, so if you’re looking for something new we suggest you consider this one. Even if it turns out to be a disappointment, which we highly doubt, at least it’s gonna be a cheap one.