Worrgames Autococker Trilogy Tactical Paintball Gun

Here’s another autococker for you. this one is even cheaper then the previous one. It is priced for $79.99. Again the price here is one big plus. The gun being so cheap has nothing to do with its performance. If we had to rate performance with price the gun will cost much, much more. It is really a good marker – extremely accurate and ready to use right out of the box. Check its features:
• Lightweight unibody design
• Closed bolt accuracy
• Air efficient operation
• Angled bottomline
• Velocity adjuster
• New integrated three way
• High performance low pressure regulator
• Pull-pin
• Micro polished ram
• Push button safety
• Wraparound grips
• Preset inline regulator
• Vertical air receiver
• Low pressure valve
• Anodized finish
• Nickel aluminum bolt
• Tactical shroud
• Compact hinge frame
• Includes instructional DVD
The only difference between Autococker Trilogy Tactical and the Autococker Trilogy Competition is that the Tactical is a little bit heavier. For some of you this may not be a problem but for other will be a little tough getting adjusted to the weight. Other than that all the cons and pros are the same. Again you’re gonna have to change the stock barrel, but I suggest you try it first and if you don’t like it then move to changing. And again you have to be adjusting to pulling the trigger all the way back and release it all the way to get a proper shot. Once you get used to that you’ll be totally ready to go out on the field. And you’ll know you have a marker that is not gonna leave you hanging in the middle of the game. You can find the marker in black and camouflage shade. Both are very nice looking. The rest is up to you.