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WGP – Trilogy Competition Autococker


As all the other WGP guns this one is extremely accurate. It’s one of its main advantages over the other markers. It is a really nice looking and reliable gun. It is relatively fast and really light. And being cheap as it is does not make it crappy as most people think. The gun costs $84.99 and is totally worth this money. Actually this is pretty cheap for the quality of gun you’re getting. Check out the gun’s features:
• Lightweight unibody design
•  Closed bolt accuracy
•  Air efficient operation
•  Angled bottom-line
•  Vertical air receiver
•  Nickel aluminum bolt
•  Anodized finish
•  Velocity adjuster
•  Improved integrated 3-way, no front block!
•  High performance low pressure regulator
•  Pull-pin
•  Micro polished ram
•  Push button safety
•  Preset nickel inline regulator
•  Wrap-around grips
•  14 inch ported barrel
Again as every other gun out there when get it you may wanna change the barrel, although many people are completely satisfied and don’t experience any problems with the stock one. Still the gun will perform better if you get yourself a new one. There’s also something very specific abut the autocockers you should know – they require a full trigger pull as well as a full release of the trigger for each shot. If not done correctly, the ball will not exit the gun properly. This is not a big deal, but it will take a few minutes to get used to. So if your gun misfires make sure it’s not that before looking for a bigger problem. Overall it’s a great gun with very few complains about it, but if you’re a pro you may consider getting something different. This is more like a beginner’s gun and if you’re just getting into the game will be the perfect marker for you. And as I said is very cheap for the quality you’re getting so you definitely won’t regret buying it.

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