WDP Angel 1 Paintball Gun

The Angel 1 is the newest marker in the WDP family. It’s as far the best one they’ve ever made. It supports a load of new features than the previous models. Some people even claim it to be the ultimate gun out there. And in some ways it is. This gun holds the record for most bps, 30 and beats the next fastest gun by 4 bps…pretty impressive. But that’s not all. The gun is extremely accurate, fast and light weighted.  There are also 13 different settings and modes including four sub modes. These settings and modes are all adjusted from a black berry type scrolling wheel, and are displayed on the new O.L.E.D system. It is easy to adjust on the fly and makes fine tuning very simply helping you bring the best of the gun on the field. Still the best part in the gun remains its trigger. It can be adjusted in strength of the trigger pull which allows you to fit it just the way you like it and feel comfortable with. Here’s the full list of features:
• Length – 7.2 inches long, 8.6 inches high, giving it the smallest profile of any high end marker available
• Weighs 35 oz., including battery and regulator. Weighs 38.8 oz. with barrel
• Lightened hammer and bolt, allowing for a lower pressure operation and a smaller cycling mass to reduce kick
• 3D sculptured foregrip
• Lightweight 17.8mm narrow grip frame with integrated dovetail mounting rail and triple finger guard
• Friction-free micro-bearing break-beam magnetic trigger with four points of easy adjustment: forward stroke, back stroke, return strength, and activation point
• User friendly electronics interface with Blackberry style navigation system
• Super bright dual-color Organic LED display
• Break-beam anti-chop laser eyes that can be replaced individually
• 350,000 shots from a standard 9 volt battery
• USB2 programming port
• Separate MROF eyes on and eyes off
• Alarm/game timer
• Tournament ready presets for NPPL, Millennium, CFOA, PSP
• Custom modes Ramp + Breakout
• Unlimited semi auto and full auto modes
• Mechanical debounce filter
• Low profile, low force, centrally ported ASA on/off adapter with auto gas bleed and integrated dovetail mount
• Quick-release clamping low rise feed neck
• Three piece lightweight 14″ Angel barrel kit – Bore sizes include .691, .693, and .695, with a .70 barrel tip
• Includes tool kit and spares box
• Unsurpassed Angel build quality and reliability
• This gun only accepts Angel G7 FLY barrel threads
The gun is pricy costing $995.00 but for the quality you get it’s totally worthy. And besides if you’ve checked other high end markers you know that they all maintain a high price, so this one is just not a difference, except it is a little bit better from everything on the market right now. So you definitely won’t make a mistake if you decide to get it. and there are plenty of colors you can chose from like blue to black dust fade, black velvet, black to red dust fade, blue velvet, olive dust, ice velvet, polished black, red velvet and gun metal velvet.