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BT Designs Guns

BT Paintball Design – TM-7

Mil Sim guns are certainly not my favorite, but that doesn’t mean I won’t review them. Not to mention that the new BT TM-7 gets some pretty good reports. I won’t say it’s the best choice out there, but it certainly has some strong features worth mentioning. If you’re interested, keep reading. Mil Sim guns […]

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BT4 Digi Camo Combat


OK back to the guns – this is one of the best designed ones, and best of all it’s camouflaged … well painted that way at least. You can carry it as a side arm (wouldn’t recommend since it’s a bit wider that the ordinary guns) and as a stand alone weapon. This gun is […]

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BT-4 Ironhorse Gun


  This is one of the more expensive BT4 guns and is aimed at the skilled paintball players. It can shoot around corners which makes it a very popular addition for the players out there. Downsides are it’s a bit heavy and shoots a bit slow but that’s nothing compared to the features: • Tournament legal […]

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  Another excellent addition from BT Designs, this fresh 2006 SWAT gun has all the features you might need. This gun is perfect for semi to more advanced paintball players and features: • Tournament legal external velocity adjuster • Removable grip frame for quick and easy upgrades • Easily accepts expansion chambers, vertical and horizontal bottle adapters • Works […]

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BT-4 Assault Gun


  This is one of the more affordable M4 types of gun, and is designed for beginners and semi-advanced users. It comes with collapsible car stock, M4 style barrel and M4 style rearsight. You also have the option to change barrels which makes it great for any type of game/terrain. If you plan to start […]

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