Icon X Paintball Gun – Black, Blue, Gray

32 Degrees Icon X Paintball Gun

This is the semi-automatic version of the Z series. It’s quite accurate and can be lots of fun firing with. It’s price tag is around $40 which makes it quite inexpensive compared with the other paintball guns. Naturally you can upgrade it with a longer barrel, Hopper, Co2 etc. It can be quite loud but that’s an acceptable down side. It comes with the following features:

• Semi automatic operation
• Aircraft grade aluminum upper receiver
• Polished removable aluminum barrel
• Steel braided bottomline
• Angled drop forward
• Custom double trigger
• Quick strip pull pin
• Rear velocity adjuster
• Raised sight rail
• Vertical feed port
• Spyder threaded barrels
And of course when you have the 1 year warranty you can’t miss with this 32d series.