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Smart Parts Freak Barrel


The Freak is another very, very popular barrel. Yet another Smart Parts product that people like very much. With its modular inserts you get great versatility to shoot whatever paint you want. The accuracy of the barrel is pretty good. It’s light and balances the gun very well. It looks good on the marker, at least in my opinion, but that’s a personal preference. The barrel is pretty efficient, yet very quiet. It’s not paint picky and breaks are not something often. It cleans well, but you’ll probably need a squeegee to get it running on 100% again. Here’s the info about it:

“The Freak Barrel is designed to fit any paint. There are eight different full length inserts for the back of the barrel to accommodate virtually any bore size paint. You can purchase the whole kit (Freak Deluxe Barrel Kit), or you can purchase the inserts individually. You can also choose from 4 different lengths, and assorted colored fronts. The barrel comes with one insert. Standard bore sizes are listed below:

Automag, Spyder, Tippmann ’98 – Standard bore .693 (Gold Freak Insert) Autococker, Shocker, Impulse, Angel – Standard bore .689 (Blue Freak Insert) “

The price of the kit is about $120 and I don’t think that too expensive. After all you get plenty of inserts to cover all kinds of paint. You can only find a problem with this barrel if you don’t like barrels with inserts. If you don’t mind it, I think you’ll like the thing.

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