Sly Equipment Dual Carbon Barrels

Being a relatively new company on the market Sly is trying to establish their name and gain respect and trust in the products they’re making. I honestly admit that I’m not too familiar with their products, but of what I hear about their Dual Carbon Barrels they really deserve some consideration. The barrels are of very high quality with every detail checked and then checked again. The company’s said to have an amazing quality control and even better customer service and if you think that’s irrelevant try deal with a company that doesn’t care for their customers and see how you’ll change your mind quickly. As to the product itself – it has the qualities of one of the top barrels out there. It is light weighted, very quiet and just as accurate as a top barrel. It self-cleans easily and although there are complains about certain types of squeegees that you can’t use with carbon fiber, I think a squeegee is not even necessary if a break occurs. The barrel is not paint picky, but you’ll notice it performs better with high quality paint. Breaks are rare with the right paint to bore match, but to make it easy on you Sly offer plenty of backs to complete the barrel front. Before I move to the price here’s something for the company from the company:

“With a sport that is confused by Internet chat sites and self-proclaimed experts, SLY brings statistical data and quality to a level paintball has never seen. All of our products are tested under extreme conditions and backed with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our laboratory has all the necessary components to ensure each product is thoroughly tested and guaranteed before it ever leaves our facility. Our unwavering devotion to manufacturing the best products on the market is our mission and promise to all paintball enthusiasts. We stand behind each and every one of our products and can assure you that the paintball community will soon share our passion for excellence.”

As I said the Dual Carbon barrels perform as good as any other top barrel so it’s only fair the price to be as high. What’s different here is that you can’t purchase a single barrel. You can get the front for about $90 and then a set of backs (3, 4, 5 – depends on you) for about the same price, making the complete kit about $180. Not a small price to pay, but nothing from the top quality products comes cheap. Sly deserve your trust by all means. And their barrels are absolutely worthy. If you can afford it you certainly won’t regret buying it.