Smart Parts Linear Barrels

If you’re a Smart Parts fan, but can’t afford to get something from the more expensive stuff, I advise you to look at the Linear Barrel. The thing costs only $30, but based on its performance it can be easily priced for more. You get pretty good accuracy and quietness. The thing looks pretty good and although it’s not from the lightest ones, it balances on the gun pretty well. It is one piece barrel and you have to be careful to match the paint to the bore right so breaks won’t happen. Anyway here’s a bit of info about this barrel:

“A straight ported barrel from Smart Parts.”

The downside to the Linear Barrel is the cleaning part. You simply can’t shoot through breaks and the squeegee is your only way out. That’s not too big of a deal for a $30 barrel, but it’s something worth knowing.  There are many barrels better than this one on the market right now, but not everyone can afford them. If this is the case for you try the Linear – it’s not the best, but it performs pretty well for the money.