Smart Parts Progressive Barrels

The Progressive barrel from Smart Parts also deserves your attention if you’re looking for a cheaper barrel to bye. It’s one piece, very nice looking and although there most certainly are better barrels out there it performs fairly good. It has good accuracy, it’s fairly quiet, pretty efficient and light weighted. Pretty much all you can expect from a barrel to be. Smart Parts give you plenty of choice for lengths, but as every one piece barrel you get one bore size and you should be careful matching the paint to the bore right to eliminate breaks. Here’s the small info about the Progressive:

“The Progressive barrels are available in lengths (12/14/16/20″) and are available for most paintguns. They come in black, blue, red , silver & green.”

The downside of this product is the cleaning. It’s extremely hard to clean especially when the paint get stuck in the porting. Even if you use a squeegee the paint in the porting remains a problem. To get rid of it, squeegee the barrel first, turn the marker upside down, cover the end of the barrel with your hand and dry fire two three times so the air can come out of the porting and clean the stuck paint. That should get you through the game, but when you get the chance run some water through it so you get it absolutely clean. The barrel costs around $40 and even though it has its flaws I think it’s worth the money asked. If you really can’t afford anything pricier and better consider getting this one, it’s a good barrel.