Smart Parts Tactical Barrel

Smart Parts Tactical barrel is not for everyone. Speedball players can stop reading right about now. The thing comes in 20in length only and this can get in the way even for some of the scenario players. It takes some getting used to, but if the length doesn’t scare you why not consider getting it. The thing performs pretty well and comes at affordable price. It shoots pretty accurate, looks nice and even though it’s long it’s not too heavy. Again it may take a while until you get used to the weight and different gun balance, but that’s not too scary. The thing is pretty quiet too, but there are quieter barrel out there. So here’s some info before we move to the downsides:

“Total military simulation. The Smart Parts Tactical barrel is quiet and accurate at long distances. A perfect sniper upgrade for your scenario paintball gun.”

One of the things worth mentioned as a downside is the cleaning. There’s no way you can shoot through breaks with this barrel .you’ll just keep breaking ball after ball. You must squeegee and then when you get the chance run some water through it – that’s the only thing that really cleans it. The other downside is the efficiency level, but that’s something normal with a barrel that long. You’ll need to fill your tank more often with this barrel. Anyway for the price of $50 I think those downsides are worth ignoring. There are other barrels you can choose from out there, but it’s the price that makes a difference. If you can’t afford any of the pricier ones go for this one, you won’t be disappointed.