Smart Parts Teardrop Barrels

What can I say about the Teardrop. Not that it’s bad, but it’s not really the greatest barrel you can end up with. There are many other low end barrel you can get that will perform and cause less problems that this one. It’s one nice looking barrel though and it has its good sides. It comes in 12in and 14in and mid size bore (the most common sizes and bore), it shoots fairly accurate. It’s light and quiet. It’s also pretty strong made and doesn’t scratch easily. I know it sounds like most of the barrels, but this one I can absolutely call average. Whatever else you get will probably be better that this one. Anyway here’s some info about it:
•    Shoots straight and quiet
•    Hard anodized aluminum
•    Smart Parts legendary Smart Tuff coating
The biggest downside of this barrel is that once break a ball (and breaks are something common with it) the game ends for you. The thing is almost impossible to clean on the field no matter what squeegee you use. The paint gets stuck in the porting and the only way to get it out is run water through it. Breaks cause the accuracy level to go way down and there’s really nothing you can do about it. It’s also not the most efficient and consistent barrel out there. The only thing that can charm you is the price – right now you can get the thing for about $25 which is pretty much the cheapest a barrel can get. Still with 5-10 bucks more you can get something far better, so why spend that $25 on the firs place. In the end the choice is all yours, but my advice is look for something else.