Special Ops Paintball C-Series Barrels

Here’s another mid-range barrel that can grab your attention. The barrel is nicely made and looks awesome in my opinion. Performance-wise it’s as good as any other barrel in the same price range. It’s light, it shoots straight, it quiet. It cleans pretty well and quick after a break. Just shoot through it and you’ll be fine. If you match the paint to the bore right though breaks won’t be a problem. When you read the info about it you’ll notice that the barrel has a pretty big bore size so be careful with the paint matching. You should also know that it’s kinda paint picky and even though some other big bore barrels will shoot mid bore paint this one simply won’t – it get’s less efficient and less accurate if you’re using smaller sized paint. Other than that the barrel performs great. It costs about $60 and for that money it’s definitely worthy. Think about it. Go through the info and decide for yourself. I think it’s a good barrel that really deserves attention.

“Special Ops Paintball and Stiffi (Site Manufacturing Inc.,) have teamed up to bring you one of the best paintball gun barrels on the market. The Blackcell barrels are extremely strong, super quiet, lightweight, and are available in black and olive drab colors. The C-Series barrels are made with an ultra-smooth fiberglass compound center (known as e-glass) to further enhance accuracy, and also feature a carbon-wrapped and Kevlar construction for optimum strength and rigidity.

Featuring killer looks, durability and top performance, the Blackcell C-Series barrels are among the best barrels in the industry today. Eight barrel tips are also available for the Blackcell C-Series barrels.
Bore size: .691”