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Stryker Paintball Carbon Fiber Barrel


Yet another barrel I’m not too familiar with, but let’s give it a chance shall we. The thing goes at a price in the low end of the chart and unfortunately I can’t say its performance level is any higher. To make that clearer – the barrel costs $35 and performs just like a barrel for $35. It’s kinda dull looking (in my opinion anyway), no porting, single length (12in), single bore size (.689) – nothing too charming about it. It shoots fairly accurate, but the lack of porting and its short length make it pretty air efficient. It is not paint picky, but you have to match the paint to the bore right. It cleans well after you squeegee it (won’t self clean). It’s pretty light and balances well on the gun. Here’s some manufacturer’s info about it:

“The Stryker 12in carbon fiber is ideal for both tournament and scenario players alike. This barrel features an ultra light carbon fiber matte finish and provides increased accuracy without the added weight. It is designed to fit most markers in the industry today and includes a 2in adaptor to make it even more universal.”

On the other side – the thing is kinda loud, which is understandable again because of the lack of porting. It really isn’t the most accurate barrel out there. Also add some of the things I mentioned above, so I won’t have to repeat myself and you get a normal $35 barrel. The only reason to like it is the price. Still, even for that money you can get something better, trust me. There’s so much barrel choice out there it will make your head spin. Do some more searching and I’m sure you’ll find something better. It’s a nice try for Stryker, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

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  • Tyler December 17, 2008, 1:38 pm

    I have this berrel and it works fine