Tippmann A-5 Flatline Barrel

Tippmann reviews are gonna be a challenge for me, because I’m not a big fan, but I’ll try and stay as objective as I can. I’ll start with the A-5 Flatline which is one of the most popular barrels out there. It’s also pretty controversial, having plenty of ups and downs, but overall people like it and I’ll try to help you figure out why. The biggest advantage of this barrel over the others is the back spin that it puts on the paintballs. The backspin gives you some extra distance, for those who wonder what it does. It also affects the accuracy and the Flatline will probably be one of the most accurate barrels you’ll ever shoot. The flat trajectory is also something that differs this barrel from all the others out there – it takes some getting used to, but it’s really great – you just aim and the ball goes exactly where you want it to. The thing is very efficient due to its short length (about 10in) and lack of porting. Here’s the manufacturer’s description about it:

“The Flatline Barrel System is the first barrel to put back spin on paintballs. It not only increases accuracy and distance, but it also has a flat trajectory.”

Don’t think there are no downsides though – some may not seem so important, but they’re definitely worth mentioning. For starters – the barrel is loud. And I mean that – so take it under consideration before getting it. It’s also pretty hard to clean. To create a greater backspin the A-5 Flatline is rougher on the inside, so you will need a swab squeegee to do a quick field clean, others will simply not work. The barrel is pretty paint picky – even if you match the paint to the bore right you can get breaks. Try as much paint as you can and find the one that works best with you barrel. Another something that’s very important for not breaking paint is the speed that you set the Flatline to – it’s individual for every gun and barrel, so do some testing and find the one your barrel likes. That’s pretty much everything there is to be said. The barrel is priced for about $100, which is not a small price to pay. Getting the A-5 Flitline is very personal choice. Many people won’t like it, because of all the downsides mentioned, but in my opinion they’re pretty well compensated of the extra distance, the accuracy and the flat trajectory you’re getting out of it. I’m really not a Tippmann fan, but I can’t deny the qualities of the Flatline. I think it’s worth the money asked for it, but again it’s you who’s making the purchase.