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UPZ UPZ Gladius Barrel


The UPZ Gladius is one of the cheaper barrels on the barrel market. It costs only about $20, but is actually pretty good when it comes to performing. Sure, there are way better barrels out there, but for a price like that you can’t really expect the best. Let’s start with the looks – in my opinion it is one pretty good looking barrel. As far as I know you can get it in 12in and 14in and in over 20 different colors and designs. This is probably the biggest color choice you’ll ever get when looking for a barrel. As far as the performance go – it’s pretty accurate too. Also fairly quiet and pretty light. It’s not really paint picky, as long as you match bore to paint right. It’s a mid range bore so you won’t have problems finding paint for it. here’s some info about it and we’ll move on:

“This barrel is professionally designed & manufactured using only top quality machining techniques. Utilizing ultra light weight aluminum & an accuracy improving upgrade over your stock barrel.

These barrels come in over 20 different colors incljuding the Tribal design, two tone, and single color. The threads are available for Ion, Autococker, and Spyder Threaded Guns”

As I said you can’t really expect miracles from a $20 barrel, so don’t get frustrated if a ball breaks from time to time. Or some strange curves happen – it’s normal. And don’t expect to shoot through breaks – carry a squeegee by all means. Overall I can say this is one ok barrel. if you can spend more money on something better – do it. If you can’t, the Gladius is a pretty good choice.

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  • justin maxwell October 4, 2011, 10:46 am

    does this barrel work for a 68 automag minimag