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Viewloader VL Barrel


I’m not too fond of the Viewloader VL Barrel. It has some qualities worth mentioning, but overall I suggest you look for something else. It somewhat nice looking, but of course that’s a matter of personal taste. Some people hate the shiny silver part as it gives out your position easily. The performance level is just ok – to be honest I’ve seen better performance from some of the cheaper barrels. It shoots straight and has pretty good range, but expect curves and drops from time to time. It’s pretty light, but not one of the quietest barrels out there. It tends to break paint a lot even if you match bore to paint correctly and once you break a ball be ready to squeegee or your next 10 shots will be just waste of paint. Here’s some info about it:

12″ Fluted And Ported Barrel Custom Clear Coated Anodized Aluminum The VL Barrel fits the VL Genesis, Brass Eagle Avenger, and Spyder Paintball Markers

Another thing we can put as a downside is the limitation of the length choice. You can get the thing in only 12in which for some is ok, but many people find it too short. Also it’s not the most durable barrel out there. It dents and scratches easily and you have to be extra careful with it to keep it in good condition. Prices vary. You can find the VL barrel in the range of $20 to $50. In my opinion – even $20 is too much for it. There’s so much choice out there – don’t waste money on this one.

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