Warped Sportz Lucky 15 Barrel Kit

Whoever owns this barrel kit will tell you that it’s nothing but great. For those of you who don’t like one piece barrel – this is not the kit for you, but for those on the opposite opinion – keep reading. What you’ll get if you choose this kit are 3 one piece barrels with the most common bore sizes. Some players complain that 3 bore sizes are not enough, but trust me it’s plenty. The barrels are extremely accurate, extremely light and quiet. And on top of that they look awesome. I won’t talk about breaking paint because it’s a barrel kit after all. If you’re breaking paint you’re not using the right bore. Anyway just for the sake of mentioning this is one of the easiest barrels to clean – just shoot through the break couple of times and you’ll be fine. The porting is slightly angled so it also cleans pretty easy after a break. Here’s some info and we’ll move on:

“The Lucky 15 Barrel Kit features three featherlight, one piece aluminum barrels; a .685 for small bore paint, .689 for medium bore paint, and .693 for large bore paint, at one affordable price.

Each barrel is 15 inches long, the perfect length for any player at any position. The barrels come in a stylish case, embossed with the Dark Series logo on the hard molded -plastic outer shell, which zips closed. Inside the case is a soft, cloth lining and three slots to hold each barrel.
Available in a wide variety of thread styles.”

All 3 barrels come in the same length – 15in. It’s somewhat unusual length, but in my opinion it’s just perfect. No more hesitation whether to get the 14in or 16 in – get the one in the middle. And for easy carrying you get a case that is just as good. Barrel kits are usually pricy, but this one comes at some very reasonable price – according to me anyway. You can find it for about $120, which for the quality you’re getting, is a pretty good deal. In the end it’s up to you, but I don’t think you’ll regret if you decide to buy this product.