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White Wolf Airsmithing Justice Barrel


I’m not too familiar with the White Wolf Airsmithing Justice Barrel, but of what I hear it is an excellent alternative to the Smart Parts barrels when using freak inserts. You know what the deal with the inserts is – you get great versatility when it comes to bore sizes. What’s great about this barrel is that it is one piece. Usually with two piece barrels, when you’re unscrewing them the front will come unscrewed from the back and then you’ll be stuck with the back still on the marker. That’s obviously not a problem when you have a one piece barrel. Or there are players that just don’t like two piece barrels, that’s when this one comes in handy, too. The thing is just as accurate as a Smart Parts barrel, only it comes at nearly half their price. It is pretty light and quiet too and I think you’re gonna like it. Here’s the given information about it:

“One piece barrel that accepts Freak inserts. Threaded for Autococker and Spyders.”

On the downside – it’s a one piece barrel and you don’t have the option to change lengths. Also, if a break happen, this barrel is kinda hard to clean. Somehow the paint gets stuck in it and is hard to take out. Strangely this doesn’t affect the curacy too much. Just keep shooting. It’s a good barrel and for the price of only about $45 I think it’s a pretty good deal too. If you can’t afford any of the more expensive barrels go for this one. You won’t regret it.

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