Intimidator Alias Gun

Get into the game with style with the new Intimidator Alias gun. It has style and unique capabilities which make it one of the preferred weapons of choice. The downside to it is the price but all the pro players out there can agree that it’s totally worth it. The features are :

• Weight: 1.40 lbs.
• Length: 19.1 in.
• Height: 8.35 in.
• Board: Frenzy LCD
• LCD screen: Yes
• Air type: compressed / Nitrogen
• Pressure: low pressure
• Firing modes: semi auto only
• Bolt style: open bolt
• Capable of firing 25 bps
• Shot counter
• Game timer
• Custom front regulator
• Anti-chop eye
• Custom milling
• 300 psi gauge
It also comes with 1 year warranty and is priced around $650 – a bit pricy for the new players so I suggest they stick to the cheaper guns with less features until they reach a semi-pro or pro level. This gun is one of the best ones out there so if you have the money and can afford to spend it on it – don’t even think twice.