Bob Long Marq Closer

If you want a truly flawless marker, you may want to check this one out. For real, if anyone can find a downside to this gun I’ll be more than surprised. Yes, you’ll have to pay some more money for it, but the thing is worth every penny and more, if you ask me. The price is about $900 and for the quality you’re getting it feels like a present. The gun is amazing performance-wise. It’s one of the fastest gun I’ve seen, it’s also accurate (the stock barrel is great), light and very durable. It’s very comfortable and easy to maintain. Unlike the Marq 6 the trigger set up here is absolutely perfect. It’s efficient, quiet and great looking. What more do you want? Check out some specifications:

•    Inline poppet valve design. (Not a spool valve)
•    Internal LPR design.
•    Manifold mounted solenoid.
•    Thin ergonomic grip frame.
•    Lightweight
•    4 eye operation. ( 30 bps can be achieved )
•    No rise wedge feedneck.
•    Swivel top regulator. ( fitting can be rotated to any position )
•    2 piece tournament barrel with 1 extra bore guide.
•    Musashi 8 Tadao board.
•    Cam drive on/off
•    Delrin pillow bolt with quick disconnect hammer assembly.

There’s really nothing to be put as a downside, I promise. I usually try to find some flaw as I don’t believe in perfect things, but this time I have nothing. Even the $900 price is worth ignoring. You should try the thing out, if you don’t want to trust me. But I promise you once you try it out you’ll fall for it instantly. If you have that kind of money to spend on a gun, without any hesitation, do it for this one. It really is flawless.