Bob Long Marq 6

The Marq 6 is now priced at about $600, but if you’re asked to pay double that price, this marker would still be a great deal. It may not be one of the newest models out there, but performance-wise it stands right next to them. To start with – the gun looks awesome. It’s sleek, compact, and unique – you just won’t stay unnoticed with it. It’s also extremely fast, accurate and reliable. It feels good when you hold it and is pretty durable so you don’t need to worry about accidental hits or drops. The thing is quiet and very efficient. I think you’ll like the stock board it comes with – it’s not perfect, but it has all the modes you’ll need for a tournament. The stock reg is not so bad either. It’s really a marker you’ll be happy with and you won’t regret choosing it. Here are some details about it:

1. Inline poppet valve design. (Not a spool valve)
2. Internal LPR design
3. Manifold mounted solenoid. (No hoses)
4. Thin ergonomic grip frame.
5. Lightweight.
6. 4 eye operation compatible. (30 bps can be achieved with 4 eyes. 4 eye system sold as an upgrade)
7. No rise wedge feed.
8. Swivel top regulator. (Fitting can be rotated to any position)

It sure has some things you might want to upgrade, like the stock trigger for instance. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s not the best performing one either. It’s a bit firm and difficult to walk. It’s something you can easily fix though – just get a different trigger. Another thing I don’t like is that the Marq 6 is not the most adjustable gun. It’s not that you need to adjust many things, but still doesn’t hurt to have the opportunity to do it. And then comes the weight – with all the high-end markers now being light as a feather, you can certainly sense the difference with the Marq 6. And even though the weight is distributed evenly and the gun feels pretty comfortable, you can still feel the weight. The marker’s not flawless, but as I said earlier, for the price you can get it right now, it’s a great, great deal. Take advantage of it and don’t hesitate too much over it. You’ll like the thing and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.