Bob Long Empire Intimidator 2006

Even though it’s an older model the Bob Long Empire Intimidator keeps its high market price. It’s a great marker no argue here, but is it worth in comparison to all the newer and upgraded guns out there? Let’s find out. There are plenty of upsides worth mentioning about this gun. It’s very, very light, but at the same time perfectly balanced; it’s extremely fast (you can get up to 23 bps), it’s very efficient and consistent, reliable, accurate and wow it’s beautiful. It is everything you can possibly desire form a marker, but aren’t all high-end expensive markers just that? Check out the characteristics and maybe when we point out the downsides we can figure out if it’s better:

“The premier marker in paintball! Designed and built by Bob Long, a legend in the sport of competitive paintball. He sets strict build standards to insure the Empire Intimidator is one of the fastest and most accurate markers in the game. Extruded aircraft-grade aluminum bodies keep the Intimidator light and streamlined. Some of the most highly advanced circuit boards and sealed memory chips make up the Intimidator’s internals, combined with a friction reducing micro switch trigger system, this marker is capable of over 20 BPS.

* Used by Bob Long’s Oakland Assassins/Oakland Empire!
* 1.5″ shorter than the Intimidator Alias Marker and other 2005 models
* 1.6 pounds (without a reg or barrel) which is 8 ounces lighter than the Alias
* FASTER – shorter bolt length has improved cycle time
* Completely new Ram and Poppet system – allows marker to operate at even lower pressures, virtually eliminating kick by using less force to move the ball. Lower pressure and lighter ram.
* New look to the LPR system.
* Completely new ram bumper system. Ram cap now encloses the sleeve by threading onto it, verses into it like before
* Grip features an integrated rail system
* Accepts the same board and solenoid as existing intimidators
* Added functions on the LCD, including the option to modify your ramp starts and caps and multiple modes to meet various league standards
* Custom 14 inch barrel insures marksman’s accuracy”

This sure is one beautifully looking gun, but the execution is really not that perfect. Maybe not all, but some of the markers have very sharp milling on the edges and if you’re not careful with that (or sand it down) you can easily cut yourself. That’s really not how a $1200 marker should be. Also I have some reservations for the stock barrel. It is good, but if you chop a ball (happens) the next balls will definitely swerve (so you may want to upgrade). Also make sure you lube everything up before you go out and play… it just makes the gun run smoother. Nothing too serious on the downside, right, but still $1200…there are far better markers for a price like that out there…not to mention newer models.