Bob Long Protégé

I don’t know why the Protégé is less expensive than the other Bob Long guns. It is just as good and as beautiful. If you’re used to determining the quality based on the price you’ll be so wrong this time. Seriously, I can’t find anything wrong with this marker. It is extremely light, extremely fast and very quiet. Even stock it can outperform many of the other pricier markers out there. When you get it, air it up and you’re ready to go. You’ll get amazing results. Both high pressure, and low pressure regulators are very consistent providing amazing efficiency. They’re also very easy to maintain, as is the entire marker btw. Check out the specification and we’ll move on:


– Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve
– No more front mounting block for Gen 5 intimidators
– Inline regulator receptacle has been combined with the grip frame to further simplify the new platform
– Primary air chamber has been incorporated into the forward grip frame region to create the correct volume needed
– Grip frame has shed its clamshell roots to favor a thinner, lighter, less complex design
– Marq Series compatible motherboard and grip panel mounting points
– Gen 5 solenoids are now rigid mounted sporting a manifold configuration for ease of maintenance coupled with enhanced flow characteristics
– Redesigned ram sleeve which doubles as a rigid stop and aids in controlling poppet valve open time
– Slimmer LPR features a new thread less mounting design which more aesthetically completes the front of the Gen 5 models
– Simple collet style clamping feed neck for quick tool less hopper swaps
– Marq inspired spring driven linear travel design ball detents
– Bob Long 12 inch one piece assassin barrel – cocker threads
– Xpress mount standard ASA
– Compressed air or Nitrogen only!
– Inline regulator pressure – 210-230psi
– LPR pressure – 65-75psi
– Estimated shot count – 2000+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
– Frenzy 3.0 board
– 4C eye compatible
– Estimated Rate of fire – 26+ bps (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
– Trigger activation – micro switch
– Trigger return – spring assist
– Weight without barrel: 2 lbs. 3 oz.

Impressed? I am. And just for the sake of mentioning, the Protégé board comes with all the basics, which comply with the standards of rec ballers, as well as tournament ballers. It has Cycle Delay, Debounce, ROF Cap, Semi Auto, PSP Ramping, PSP 3 Shot, NXL Full auto, and dwell settings. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I can’t find a single flaw in this marker. So let’s move to the other good news. The marker will cost you only about $550. I mean, really, what more can you ask for.