Bob Long Ripper 3 2007

They just keep making the process of choosing the best marker harder and harder. There are so many great markers out there…how are you supposed to choose just one. I don’t know…I’m definitely confused. Luckily my part in the equation is to give you the review and then let you decide on your own, which marker you want to get. So here’s the next great one – the Bob Long Ripper 3 2007. It’s one of the newer markers out there so it’s filled with all the latest and greatest upgrades. Out of the box it requires very few changes and to be honest most of them are a matter of personal preference and will have minimal effects on the performance of the marker. If you ask me, it’s just great as it is. As expected the Ripper 3 is no difference to the other Bob Long markets – it’s fast, it’s accurate and it sure it efficient. I’m kinda sick of repeating it, but it’s again, flawless. And let’s not forget the great looks in addition to the great performance. It’s a must have if you’re looking for the best out there. And now it’s time for the features:

“Classic original Ripper milling in the new Gen4 format!

The ALL NEW Ripper3 model has been rebuilt from the ground up. This gun is a great improvement on what is an already legendary line of guns. .
FASTER – shorter bolt length has improved the cycle time.
COMPACT – 1.5 inches shorter than the Alias and other 2005 models.
LIGHTER – 1.6 pounds (without a reg or barrel, which is 8 ounces lighter than the Alias).
STYLE – New look to the LPR system and milling to go with the new internals.
COLOR – Variety of colors in the new hard wearing “dust” finish.

New features include:

1. Reduced Force Valve
2. 2006 Boards
3. Most compact, lightweight Intimidators ever!
4. Integrated ram sleeve and cap – make “bumpers” obsolete
5. Super Low-Rise Feedneck
6. Improved Ergonomics
7. Dove Tail Rail
8. Bearing Trigger
9. Pressure Guage

Ripper3 Specs:

Caliber: 68
Action: Electro-Pneumatic
Air Source: Compressed Air/Nitrogen
Battery Type: 9-Volt Battery
Cycle Rate: 25bps Capped and/or Unlimited
Firing Modes: Semi Auto only
Board; Frenzy LCD
Effective Range: 150+ feet
Weight:1.40 lbs
length: 19.1 inches

There’s a downside to this one though – it requires some more effort in the maintenance…nothing too major…you’ll just need to spend some more time cleaning and prepping it. Anyway, the price is again very fair – depending on the place you’re getting the thing from, it’s gonna cost you $550-$600. It’s a small price to pay for the quality you’re getting. Think about it, compare and then decide. I can’t help you more than that. Bob Long markers are all amazing and I don’t think you’ll be making a mistake, no matter which one you chose.