Titanium Paintball Longbow Barrel System

Most of the same priced barrel systems I’ve reviewed so far have been very similar to each other – having pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s time for something different – the Longbow. What makes it different from the others is the so called Hardbore finish. All the other barrels on the market today are micro-horned (which is like sanding the inside of the barrel) this process leave small imperfections in the metal that eventually produce friction and hold paint so the barrel gets extremely hard to shoot completely clean. The Hardbore process leaves absolutely no imperfections in the metal. It also makes the bore stronger and resistant to scratches and wearing out, prolonging its life. So if until now we’ve talked about “accuracy” the Longbow takes that word to the next level. The barrel also self cleans extremely easy – you just shoot a couple of times through the break and it is back to being perfect. It’s also light and quiet – absolutely anything you’ll expect from a high end barrel. What follows is some information about the Longbow and I advise you go through it:

“The Longbow is a two piece interchangeable barrel system that has patent pending Hardbore Finish, the smoothest, hardest barrel finish available. Bases are made out of Titanium,Stainless Steel, And Aluminum, and currently come in .684, .687 & .690 bore sizes. Tips are 10″, 12″, 14″ & 16″ and come in a variety of colors.
•    Hardbore Finishing, a patent pending technology developed by Q&L Engineering, enables the Longbow to outperform other barrels. The Hardbore finishing technique leaves the bore up to 6 times smoother and 30% harder than even the best micro honed barrels.
•    A smoother finish allows more consistent velocity, better accuracy, less ball breakage and the ability to shoot clean significantly faster than other barrels.
•    The Hardbore finish leaves the metal case hardened so unlike plated or Teflon treated barrels the finish will never flake, chip, or wear off. It is the most durable bore of any barrel, resisting the fine scratches that accumulate over time and rob a barrel of performance.
•    The control bore is made of titanium. It is stronger than steel but nearly half the weight, making it an ideal material for use in the Longbow barrel.

The only downside of this barrel is its price. The entire system can get up to $240, which makes it one of the priciest barrels systems on the market for now. You can of course get one complete barrel for $80 and with the time get the rest of the backs, but the price will be just as high. If you can afford it though – this is as good as it gets in the world of barrels – go for it without any hesitation.