Tippmann Werks Barrel

For the Tippmann owners that can’t afford any of the Flatline systems, or just don’ like their looks, Tippmann made the Werks. The Works is a normal barrel system coming at a medium price and performing pretty well for the money. The barrel shoots accurate, it’s fairly light and although it’s not the quietest out there it significantly reduces the noise in comparison with a stock barrel. It’s one piece barrel and you get the most popular 12in, 14in and 16in and a single bore size. If you match the paint to bore right you won’t have problems with breaks. The barrel is not paint picky, but the quality paint will shoot better. Here’s some basic info bout it:

Solid one piece aluminum construction
Machined from 1” barrel stock
Honed & polished to perfection
Large multi holed muzzle break to reduce noise & increase accuracy
The only barrel created exclusively for the needs of Tippmann markers
Each barrel is hand checked for quality & fit.
Each barrel is individually pack to insure against shipping damage

I don’t know of any major problems that this barrel may cause. It’s even easy to clean. It won’t shoot through breaks, but the squeegee will do just fine. The only thing you may not like is the shiny finish. You don’t have a choice for colors or anything so if you worry that the chrome may give out your position you better look for something else. About the price – you can get the barrel for about $50 which is not bad at all in my opinion. You get good performance for good amount of money. Consider the pros and cons and decide for yourself.