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Tippmann Triumph AL-200


The Triumph AL-200 will be the first out of the two Tippmann loaders to be reviewed. The AL-200 is the cheaper and as it usually is with loaders and hoppers, the worse one out of the two. But it still has something to show, so I thought it would be a mistake to skip it. I’ll start with the weight – the thing does run on one 9 v battery, but contrary to all the others out there that are very similar it really doesn’t weight that much. So if weight is a problem for you here’s something to help you with it. The 10bps rate as advertised is pretty much the real one. If you expect more from it, you’re fooling yourself. As to the low profile design – not really – the thingy is pretty bulky, but it does hold up to 200 balls in it so you have to give it some credit for that. The LED screen is a very nice touch and will be helpful. The battery life is good. The loader is a pretty noisy one, but you get used to the constant sound in a while. Before the critics, see the manufacturer’s description:

“The new lightweight AL-200 loader with 200 round capacity features continuous agitation technology that delivers up to 10 BPS. The AL-200 low profile design also features, LED on/off low battery indicator, quiet operation, adjustable O-ring neck to fit most markers and a snap fit wide mouth lid.”

I’m certainly not saying that the Triumph AL-200 is perfect. Not at all – it does have its issues – the loader does not have eyes, jam detection, or sound activation, so you better get used to the jamming. Also its spindle arms are very flimsy and paintballs can be lodged under them jamming the hopper and since it does have arms some thin or dimpled paintballs can be punchured. Also it’s not the toughest one out there (which is good for the weight, but don’t test it for hits). Anyway it’s cheap. You can get it for no more than $30 and really for that money it’s a pretty fair deal. Still if you have another $30 to spare and do insist on Tippmann you better check out the other review.

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