Tippmann Triumph SSL-200

So from the two Tippmann loaders I’m showing you this really is the better loader to get. And yes, they may look alike but the difference is quite significant. First of all the rate of fire here jumps to 15 bps compared to the almost 10 for the AL-200. Also the thing has the Bend Sensor Technology and jams less (and I mean it) than the Al-200. It’s pretty much the same as weight (meaning light), does hold the same quantity of balls (200) and has the same battery life (a long one). Also the noise level is significantly reduced, so that’s another plus over the AL-200. I won’t speak about design cause as I already said the loaders are absolutely the same (bulky). So here are the specifications for this one:

“The new lightweight SSL-200 loader with 200 round capacity features Bend Sensor Technology that delivers up to 15 BPS. The Bend Sensor only operates when the marker is fired to improve efficiency and prolong battery life. The SSL-200 low profile design also features, LED on/off low battery indicator, quiet operation, adjustable O-ring neck to fit most markers and a snap fit wide mouth lid.”

The only downside I can think of about it is that it’s pretty hard to clean. Other than that it’s a great, reliable loader to have. The Triumph SSL-200 is pretty much twice as good as the Triumph AL-200. It’s only fair that the price is doubled, too. For the SSL-200 you have to pay about $60, but as I said it is the better loader of the two. It’s your choice anyway, if you can spare those extra $30 do it without hesitation.