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Viewloader Viewloader XSV Vlocity Paintball Loader


The Viewloader XSV Vlocity loader is pretty much what we can call the biggest disappointment from the Viewloader Company. With the listed features below you should expect it to be one of the best loaders out there. 27 bps (the correct rate btw), 180 ball capacity, light, silent and coming with batteries and chargers included. Sounds like one great deal, right? Now if only it wasn’t for that defective clockspring that’s pretty much ruining everything. When the loader does work you’ll have a blast using it. Unfortunately the clockspring breaks so often I can’t really recommend getting it. It will be nothing but a waste of money. Here are the features anyhow:

•  Adjustable select force with 5 force modes
•  On/Off Force technology
•  27 bps on marker feed rate
•  37 bps free fall rate
•  Clockspring propeller
•  180 ball count capacity
•  Instant auto anti-jam
•  Upgradeable software
•  Double vision system
•  Giant mouth lid for quick and easy loading in tight spots
•  Includes two lithium ion 9 volt rechargeable batteries, charging base, car charger and wall charger

Sure you can get that clockspring replaced, but spending so much money on something that’s constantly gonna break on you is simply unreasonable. And what “so much money” means is that originally you can get the thing for about $180 (you read correctly), but now since dealers and consumers know that it’s defective you can find it for about $110 which still is too much in my opinion. On top of it Viewloader don’t even admit they’ve made a bad product. They still haven’t found a way of bettering that clocksping and if it was me I would wait until they do before spending a fortune on a product that’s not gonna work for too long. Or here’s another solution – you can easily spend those money on some of the other great expensive loaders out there. At least they’ll do their job.

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