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Viewloader VL 200


The VL 200 is the cheap baby of the Viewloader Company. You can get the thingy for no more than $8, but I think even if it was pricier it would still be worthy. Now, you realize that speed is not something to be expected from an $8 hopper, and that’s exactly the case. You can get a 7bps rate, but don’t really expect more. The thingy is very light and strongly made. The lid is pretty goo – it closes really nice and is not in your way all the time. The VL 200 does hold the advertized 200 balls and I’m pretty sure that’s plenty for most of you. Since they’re no electronics in it you don’t have to worry about the thing breaking down on you or running out of battery or something. If you really like it simple and don’t depend on speed in your game I think you’ll be very happy with it. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“Plastic non-electronic hopper from view loader. Features a 200 round capacity and a spring loaded translucent door.”

The only thing you may not like about it is the long feedneck. It’s about 2-3 in long and really puts the hopper higher above the gun making it an easy target. The solution for that problem is pretty easy – just cut the feedneck to the size you want. Even if you do something wrong it’s not like you’ve spend a fortune on it. If you like it you should definitely try it.

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