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Viewloader VLocity Jr.


This loader is actually pretty nice looking one. But yet again the looks are not that important, right? When it comes to performance, the VLocity Jr. is just as good as it looks. It’s one well appreciated loader and players always rate it very high. There’s a reason for that of course – the thingy is very, very light and small. It’s also pretty fast – 20 bps. The 180 balls capacity is a little bit exaggerated, but 160 are not that bad either. The VLocity is pretty silent, but you have to get used to the constant noise it makes. See the features:

•    1 force mode setting
•    20bps on marker feed rate
•    25bps free fall rate
•    180 ball count capacity
•    Instant auto anti-jam
•    Upgradeable software
•    Double vision system
•    Giant mouth lid for quick and easy loading in tight spots
•    3 blade spring loaded paddle
•    On/off switch with shield reduces accidental activation

The only downside people point out is that it’s a battery hog. Keep that in mind and always carry some extra batteries with you. The price of the loader can vary depending on the place you’re getting it, but it’s usually in the range of $70-$90. It’s a fairly good price for the performance you’re getting, trust me. The loader is very reliable one and I’m sure if you decide to buy it you’ll be very happy with the job it does.

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