Viewloader VL Eye Force

The VL Eye Force can’t really charm you with its looks, but compensates that really well with performance. The thing is fast (at least fast enough for many of the players out there). It absolutely gets the advertized 20 bps. It holds up to 200 balls, but as with many others you may not want to fill it all the way up. It’s pretty light and easy to maintain. It’s fairly quiet when fill with paint, but once you’re empty it can easily give up your position. The anti-jam system does its job and I don’t think you’ll have problems with it. See the features:

•    Eye activated force feed comes on only when marker is fired
•    20 BPS on marker feed rate
•    2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery replacement
•    3 blade spring loaded force feed paddle
•    200 ball capacity
•    Instant Auto Anti-Jam
•    LED low battery indicator
•    Double vision system quickly recognizes dark or black shell paintballs as well as light shells
•    Uses two 9 volt batteries

The biggest drawback of the VL Eye Force is that if you break a ball in the hopper (brittle paint, a hard slide, whatever), then the eye will be fooled into thinking that paintballs are in the ball-stack and it will stop feeding. You have to clean the loader to get rid of the problem. Other than that it is great. The thing is just amazing when it comes to batteries. The eyes tend to save you much of the used energy, so you don’t have to worry about always carrying extra batteries with you. And you can get it for about $60 which makes it fairly cheap compared to the others in its class. It’s really something to consider. May not look the best, but isn’t performance what we’re looking for?