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Viewloader VLocity Paintball Loader


The Viewloader VLocity Loader will be the last one of the Viewloader saga, but what and end it is. This is one highly appreciated loader. People just seem to love it. It is extremely light (probably the lightest of all the electronic loaders out there), it’s big (in the good way as it holds 200 balls plus some room to spare so it works just great), it’s fast – 25 bps is the correct rate.  It also has 8 modes, each with a higher tension and it doesn’t chop even the most brittle paint. It’s like the dream loader, only it exists. You will absolutely check the features and then give this thing a good consideration:

•    On gun feed rate of up to 25 BPS, and a free fall rate up to 35 BPS.
•    The VLocity speed is driven by the new select force technology and an electronically controlled anti-jam propeller.
•    Select Force allows you to adjust the force that the loader places on the paintballs
•    Select Force is adjustable from off, low, medium, or high to allow the player to set the
desired force based on the type of paintballs being used.
•    Select Force allows the player to maximize the out of the gate speed without breaking paintballs
•    Electronically controlled anti-jam propeller will automatically reverse and reset once a jam is detected using the exclusive dual vision system
•    The VLocity also incorporates reprogrammable software to allow you to customize the select force and anti-jam settings
•    Lightweight and small profile
•    Holds up to 200 paintballs
•    Flip cap sprint loaded lid
•    Engineered with lightweight, extreme impact resistant polymer making it the largest capacity and lightest weight loader on the market today

On the bad side I can point out only the battery compartment – it’s a little loose and could use some additional padding, but that’s pretty much all there is. Some people find the looks a little dull, but that’s a matter of preferences and I personally like the VLocity’s appearance. Some claim it stands a little high on the gun, but it only takes some sanding down the feedneck to fix that. It really is one great loader to have. And you can get it for about $120, which for the quality provided is pretty good price. It does put it in between the highly priced loaders, but if you really want the best you should learn to pay the price.

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